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The technique of using light and shade in a pictorial representation.
A photogallery of events.

Halloween Weekend 2015

Convergence XXI, Hollywood, CA (05-03-2015)

Goth Day at the Cathedral 2015 (10-05-14)

Corcoran Musuem of Art Funeral at Oak Hill Cemetery (9-27-2014)

Convergence 20 (4-24-27-2014)

Awesome Con (4-19-2014)

Doctor Who 50th (11-23-2013)

Goth Day at the Cathedral 2013 (10-06-2013)

Emilie Autumn Concerts (01-13 & 15-2013)

Halloween at Monster Party (10-31-2012)

Goth Day at the Cathedral, Washington, DC (10-07-2012)

Adam Ant Concert, Tracadero, Philadelphia, PA (10-05-2012)

Horror Show Double Feature Boolesque at Red Palace (08-22-2012)

Devil's Carnival - Richmond w Emilie Autumn (04-22-2012)

Emilie Autumn - Fight Like a Girl Concerts (02-2012)

Halloween Weekend (10-31-2011)

Zola Jesus Concert (10-21-2011)

Goth Day at the Cathedral (10-02-2011)

DJ Wyntre Mysteria (Pink Label Photoshoot)

Emilie Autumn (02-13-2011)

Emilie Autumn (02-10-2011)

Rock Creek Cemetery Picnic (11-07-2010)

Black Tassle Burlesque (11-05-2010)

Social Distortion (10-26-2010)

Belly Horror (10-22-2010)

Goth Day at the Cathedral (10-3-2010)

Lady GaGa Concert (9-7-2010)

DragonCon Pictures (Sept. 2010)

DragonCon Steampunk Anagylph (red/blue) 3D Pictures (9-6-10)

DragonCon Steampunk Stereo pictures (9-6-10)

Zombie Walk for Romero's Survival of Dead preview (5-5-10)

Faith and the Muse (4-25-10)

Emilie Autumn (10-14-09 & 11-30-09)

Road Warrior Weekend (11-20-22-09)

Capital Punishment (10-11-09)

Funeral of E. A. Poe in Baltimore (10-11-09)

Goth Day at the Cathedral (10-4-09)

Garden of Arcane Delights & Spellbound Zoo (07-25-09)

Victorian Stroll at National Arboretum (07-12-09)

Car Show and Art-O-Matic (06-21-09)

What is Goth: Gothic Charm School Video (06-03-09)

Goth Prom, Washington, DC (05-24-09)

Tour of St. Elizabeth's, Washington, DC (05-09-09)

Presidential Inauguration, Washington, DC (01-20-09)

Poe's 200th Birthday Party, Richmond, VA (01-19-09)

Release of the Poe Stamp in Richmond, VA (01-16-09)

Steampunk Walk at Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC (01-03-08)

Midwinter at Spellbound with Voltaire and Ego Likeness (12-20-08)

Xuberx Performance at Jaxx (11-28-08)

Bat's Day at Disneyland, CA (11-10-08)

Cemetery Picnic at Rock Creek Cemetery (11-02-08)

Zombie Lurch in Washington, DC (11-01-08)

Halloween at Midnight (10-24-08)

Capital Punishment (10-17-08)

Belly Horror (10-04-08)

Gothic: Dark Glamour Opening Exhibit (9-4-2008)

EGL Tea at Ascension (09-19-08)

Victorian Picnic (06-15-08)

Goth Prom (5-22-2008)

Mortifera performance at Midnight (11-10-2007)

Whitby Gothic Weekend (10-22-29-2007)

Black Death Goes to Whitby (10/22-29/2007)

FaerieCon (October 2007)

Goth Day at the Cathedral (10-07-07)

Mortifera Performance at Ascension (September 2007)

Sophie Lancaster. Rest in Peace. (08-24-07)

Mortifera Performance in Richmond (June 2007)

Freak Day @ Kings Dominion (06-30-07)

Victorian Picnic (6-22-07)

Goth Prom (5-31-07)

Freak Day at the Zoo (5-6-07)

Saints and Sinners Fashion Show (12-9-06)

Freaks United (07-04-06)