Gothic Dream: MAEVE




Favorite Fashion statement:

I am addicted to corsets, boots, hair falls, and PVC

These are the people who rock my world:
Amy of www.beegirlmetal.com who makes all of my favorite hair falls,
Modeling Experience:

I started out as an artists' model. I've modeled for painters, illustrators, photographers, and art classes. Then after attending clubs for a few years, and building up a wardrobe of pretty things, I broke into some fashion modeling too. I've been modeling for a while now, but I'm new to this facet of the job

What is your Style?

I don't have a style per-se. In my wardrobe, I've got everything from Victorian to Cyber. I feel that locking yourself into one look is just no fun. I dress for however I feel that day.

Favorite Music:

Yoko Kanno tops my list of musical talent. She is so versatile and almost everything she's done has been a wonderful and moving piece. After that it'd be E.S. Posthums, VNV Nation, Bjork, and far too many to name.

Favorite Artists:

My favorite artist has always been Brian Froud.

Favorite Location:

Hard to say. I love walking through Historical Ellicott City, but my heart lies far from there. If I could be anywhere it would probably be back in Seattle, or to be travelling to Europe again.

Favorite Club:

Midnight in DC or Ascension at Club Orpheus in Baltimore.


Note: This picture is in 3-D