Gothic Dream: Shannon
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Gothic Dream

Shannon's Birthday at Rock Creek Cemetery

Virginia is the May Gothic Dream in Honor of Beltane

Pictures were taken on location at Hillwood Mansion in Washington, Dc


Bands/Performer: Angelspit, Stromkern, Hanzel and Gretyl, Angels on Acid, Lords of Acid, Sisters of Mercy, And One, VNV Nation, Iris, Pig Face, Skinny Puppy, Rasputina, Cruxshadows, Synthetic Nightmare, Combichrist, E-Craft, Concrete Blonde, Bella Morte,

Oh, you get the idea...plus some others that just aren't Goth/industrial/

The Bondage Fairies (Original version ONLY), C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia, Mrs. Frisbly and the Rats of NIMH, The Book of Pressed Fairies, Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Star Wars, Star Trek, 5th Element, Tank Girl, Legend, Labrynth, The Last Unicorn, The Black Cauldron, The Dark Crystal, Underworld, Underworld Evolution, Meet Joe Black, Arsenic and Old Lace (B&W Only), Lilo and Stitch, Watership Down, Monty Python, Marie Antoinette, FEDS,

Oh, I could go on for a while...

Brian Froud (even named my car afer a Fairie of his from Good Faeries, Bad Faeries), M.C. Escher, Georgia O'Kieffe

Travel: Favorites, so far include-
Savannah, GA; Albuquerque, NM; Los Angeles, CA; Occoqquan, VA; Baltimore, MD; Ashville, NC; Williamsburg, VA; and London, England.
I aspire to travel to- France, Italy, Ireland, Japan, New Orleans, Germany, and India.

Nocturnia, Washington, D.C. (when it was the Cage); Ascension, Baltimore, MD; Nanci Raygun, Richmond, VA (RIP); Twisters, Richmond, VA (RIP); Rocks, Richmond, VA; Midnight, Washington, DC.

Oasis Hookah Bar (I could spend hours there); Cemeteries (I know- huge shock, right?), especially Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Va; Old towns with run-down buildings that I can run amok in; and heavily wooded areas (with a monkey, a cat, a mouse, a chair, and a table. If you don't get that, I pity you.)


This is an Anaglyph 3-D photograph, so please use your Red-Cyan glasses to view this image.