Gothic Dreams: Mortifera
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Gothic Dreams

Gothic Belly Dance



Photos taken at
Fort Armistead, MD

Sasha Nyx

The leader of Mortifera with a background in hula, modern dance, and oriental dance.

"Whirling beneath the moonlight, invoking the Spirit, Cloaked in darkness, Nyx will dance to enchant and entrall!"


Ya Meena

aka Misumeena- after a lovely, but deceiving species of spider that lives in flowers.

"If it wasn't for music and dance, I would be dead right now!"


Dancing is one of her greatest loves, next to being a sci-fi/anime/comic book geek and making costumes.

She is versed in Folklore, Egyptian, Cabaret and Tribal styles of belly dance.

Noa Rehan

A Washington, D.C. based bellydancer who studied various styles of dance since age 2 and a half.

Noa's performances reflect her extensive dance knowledge through a fusion of multiple dance techniques and styles.








Has always been driven by the energy of the performing arts- dance, music, theatre.

She does not aspire to be anyone or be like anyone. If she had to name influences, idols, or heroes, she would say, "Tank Girl, G.I.R., and the crazies that are my friends and family."







When Virginia Faith has spare time she can be found djing and  sewing. 

She started 10 years ago, spinning at Armageddon (DC), Bound Baltimore and various Festival of Darkness events.  More recently she has spun at Midnight (DC), Bound DC and mainly with Tainted Reality.   Tainted Reality is a Goth/Industrial/Jrock/VK show, hosted by partner Roger Shackelford www.taintedreality.net


You can find the duo at an anime convention near you spinning great tunes and interviewing amazing guests.  This is also one of two places where you get to see her costuming in action.  She has appeared in Animerica and in several convention booklets. 


You can see Virginia Faith's other costuming skills when she is Celebrefairie Morana-Gin.  Celebrefairies are offical fae of the Spoutwood Farm Fairie Festival held every first weekend in May.  She makes appearance throughout the year at other events representing the festival.  For more information about the festival go to www.fairiefestival.net



This is an Anaglyph 3-D photograph, so please use your Red-Cyan glasses to view this image.