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Midnight Dance - Calendar of Events

A calendar of events.

Calendar Weekly Events Cultural

2008 | 2009

January 2008


February 2008

2: Groundhog day

5: Mardi Gras

9: Feast of Friends- Kennedy Center: Japan Culture and Hyper-Culture

9-10: Meadowlark Park Photo Exhibit

15-17: Katsucon

16: Dracula's Ball, Philadelphia, PA

20: Snow Moon


March 2008

1: Freak Bowling

8: International Day of the Woman

14-16: Black Sun Festival, New Haven, CT

22-23: Horrorfind, College Park, MD

22-April 12: Cherry Blossom Festival

28-29: World HorrorCon, Salt Lake City, UT

March 29: Leukemia Ball


April 2008

March 22-April 12: Cherry Blossom Festival

4: Voltaire at Ascension

4-6: Junior League Tossed-And-Found Sale

5: Cirque Macbre, Raleigh, NC

12: Cherry Blossom Matsura Street Festival

17: DDP Performance at Exposure

25-27: Whitby Gothic Weekend, Whitby, England

26: Mortifera at Walpurgis

April 27: Goth Day at the MUseum

27: Shakespeare's Birthday Party at Folger's Theatre

29: Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day


May 2008

1: May Day

2-3: Washington National Cathedral Open House

3-4: Penn Camera Days, Tyson's Corner, VA

4: Freak Day at the Zoo

9-12: Wave Gothik Treffen, Germany

9-June 15: Art-o-Matic

19: Victoria Day

22: Goth Prom

24: Dracula's Ball, Philadelphia, PA


June 2008

May 9-June 15: Art-o-Matic

6: National Donut Day (Free Donuts @Krispy Kreme)

7: Mortifera Performance at Alley Katz in Richmond, VA

14: Victorian Picnic

15: Faith's Birthday at Elektroshock

20-22: Monster Bash, Butler, PA

20: Those Who Munch at Ben's Chili Bowl

26-29: Origins Game Fair, Columbus, OH

June 28: Freak Day at Kings Dominion


July 2008

3: Freaks United

12: Freak Day at the Aquarium

12: Magic Eventide Prerelease TournamentT

19: Flitch Day

26: All-or-Nothing Day

26?: Arena Stage Theatre Sale?


August 2008

2: Studio Theatre Sale

2: Vampire: The Eternal Struggle National Qualifiers

4-10: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Sturgis, SD

8-10: Convergence, Ybor, Fl

8-10: Oatakon, Baltimore, MD

14-17: Gen Con Game Fair, Indianapolis, IN

14-17: FetishCon, Tampa, FL

22-24: Dances of Vice Festival, NYC, NY

23-October 19: Maryland Renaissance Festival

30: Dracula's Ball, Philadelphia, PA

31-Sept. 1: DragonCon, Atlanta, GA


September 2008

August 23-October 19: Maryland Renaissance Festival

19-21: Mclean Book sale

27: Cathedral Open House


October 2008

October 5, 2008: Goth Day at the Washington National Cathedral

10-12: FaerieCon in Philadelphia, PA
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10-12: AnimeUSA

11: Gothic Cruise, Fl

17-26: Fantasy Fest, Tampa, FL

31-November 2: Whitby Gothic Weekend, Whitby, England


October 31: Halloween


November 2008

1: Dracula's Ball, Philadelphia, PA

2: Day of the Dead (Dia de las Muertos)

October 31-November 2: Whitby Gothic Weekend, Whitby, England

2: Cemetery Picnic

6: Knock-Out Abuse/Fight Night

8-9: Bat's Day, Anaheim, CA

15 or 22: Goth Day at Gothic: Dark Glamour, NYC


December 2008


January 2009

16: Poe Stamp Released

19: Poe's 200th Birthday

19-October: Poe's Birthday Celebration in Richmond, VA


July 2009

17-20: Convergence XV: Long Beach, CA on Queen Mary