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Dark Links to the past, present and future. Friends who are in our hearts and thoughts.


Mortifera Gothic BellyDance Mortifera Gothic Belly Dance Troup    
DDP Drill Team Deiter Dance Party Drill Team    
Madame Kat Madame Kat    
Voltaire Voltaire    
Sophie Lancaster I didn't know Sophie personally, but she was an amazing woman and deserves to be remembered and honored.
Teh Internets
LiveJournal Where goths play and connect    
ShadowScene A LiveJournal Community to post event Announcments in the VA/MD/DC area    
International Goth Club Listing A listing of Goth clubs around the country and the world
Death in Bloom An online Goth Community Board
CoilHouse CoilHouse Magazine & Blog
Goth magazine Donna Ricci's Goth Magazine
Come into my Parlor
(links sent & requested to be posted)
Black Rose Poet's Society An online Dark Society of Poets
Sharaya Brooks Sharaya Brooks: Dark and Macabre Art
Gothic Portal Dark Gothic Portal
Horrorzine Horrorzine
Goth Girl Online video series of Goth Girl
LiveJournal Communities
Baltimore Goth Scene Shadowscene    
Gothic Babes Gothic Babes    
Steampunk Fashion Steampunk Fashion    
Goth Royalty An Exclusive Community of Goth Royalty    
WWW Links
Convergence 15 Annual Goth Gathering    
Black Waterfall Still wonder what is Goth? Check out Blackwaterfall's definition and stereotypes    
Gloomcookie Gloomcookie comic    
SinFest Sinfest comic - one of the most awesome comics in existence!    
Lio Lio comic    
DC/MD/VA Links
DC Tribal DC Tribal Belly Dance    
Ascension Friday Goth Club in Baltimore    
Shopping for Convergence Madame Kat offers some advice and links for Dark Victorian shopping